Required Text List

College Year 1 and 2 Booklist

I'm excited to have negotiate a book discount for all of you who will need to purchase or supplement your library. These books may be purchased as a new set by contacting Dana Ullman at Homeopathic Educational Services at 510-649-0294, or through the Homeopathic Educational Services website. (*I have a few selections at the office you might check for first.)

Dana does a lot to support homeopathy and provide the research materials that we will be referring to over the 2-year course. Prices for the books are discounted for this course. Shipping will not exceed $15. Or, be sure to inquire about ‘flat rate’ boxes or media rate, which are for books; both are a good deal if you use another source.

The focus for Year-1 is understanding homeopathy (theory), its affinity for your client by identifying what, in fact, is the nature and origin of a disorder while embracing the healing quality of the remedies (through the dynamic of proving’s and clinically-cured cases). The Clinical College Program requires the following textbook selections.

Click here to download the Required Text List. (PDF)

Year-1 reading assignments will be primarily from the following great books:

  • Organon of the Medical Art by Samuel Hahnemann and interpreted by Wenda Brewster O’Reilly The 6th edition of the original Organon is substantially less expensive but a can be a challenge to apply, but that will lead to a great discussion in class! Pick the one that fits your budget.
  • Chronic Diseases a Cause and Cure by Banerjee (*Have copies in the office $15 each.)
  • Homeopathic Clinical Repertory 3rd Edition by Robin Murphy (red)
  • Natures Materia Medica by Robin Murphy 3rd Edition
  • Homeopathic Emergency Guide by Thomas Kruzel
  • Vaccine Guide by Neustaedter
  • Sensations as if by Roberts (*Have copies in the office $20 each.)
  • Homeopathic Dictionary & Holistic Health Reference by Yaskers
  • Soul of Remedies by Rajan Sankaran
  • Homeopathic Revolution by Ullman
  • Homeopathy and Minerals by Jan Scholten
  • Divided Legacy 3rd edition
  • Science of Homeopathy by George Vithoulkas (Look for a used one. Prices are higher due to shipping and the Greek $. This book used to be $20-25 vs. $50 today. Look around first and let us know if you find a good price for others.)

The following books may be purchased used and are more likely found at a common book supplier:

  • Merck Manual (describes Medically Diagnosed Conditions and Recommended medical treatments and is very handy in understanding diagnosed diseases.
  • PDR (up to 5 years old) Lists drugs and their side effects. Often medicated clients want relief of the new disease condition when it could be in fact from their meds. This is a good resource.
  • *Everyday Miracles: Homeopathy in Action - Autographed by Linda Johnston.

*Provided by Ellen as a special gift to you.

The focus for Year-2 is the Materia Medica (learning remedies healing qualities) by Kingdoms (animal, vegetable, and mineral). We will also be embracing the healing qualities of nosodes beyond their use as immunizations. The books available are fabulous tools and the classes are just as good!

Year-2 reading assignments:

  • Insights in Plants by Rajan Sankaran (3 volumes)
  • Homeopathy and the Elements by Jan Scholten
  • Animal Minds and Human Voices by Nancy Herrick
  • Animal Speaks by Ted Andrews (Not homeopathic but sheds more light on many animal qualitie,s especially the current bird books.)
  • Monera by Frans Vermeulen
  • Miasms and Nosodes: The Origins of Disease (Vol. 1) by Louis Klein, RSHom

Year-2 will have exciting cases to solve and follow-up protocols.

I look forward to working with all of you interested and motivated to learn Homeopathy!

Ellen Bench