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Mother and Child Relationship Resolutions Class

Are you suffering damage

from relationships involving

your mother or due to

mothering you received?

Mother & Child Issues Class CD Homeopathy Training

The Mother & Child Relationship Resolutions Class works to find solutions for any type of unhappiness, be it centered in guilt or shame or the lack of feeling validated. This class seeks and learns about some of the tools and homeopathic remedies to use in trying to resolve some of these issues that allow us to remain dysfunctional at different levels.

The potential to heal, on so many levels, using Homeopathy is extraordinary!

This class is recorded from a live class and discusses uses and indications for the remedies included in the Mother & Child Relationship Resolutions Kit including matridonal and glandular remedies covering known and unrecognizable influences on relationships including drugs, hormones, stress, traumas (birth and emotional), indifference, overwhelmed, fears, jealousy, separation, vaccines, sensitivities and interpretations.

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