Lay Practitioners Program

Please prepare with the prerequisites of completion (or live attendance) of 5 video classes: Introduction to Homeopathy (Free on website), Family Class 1, 2, and 3 (2 classes: Disease Prevention Tonics and 42 Remedies) $250.00 for all classes (a $295.00 value).

Click here for video classes.

Program consists of 11 lessons mailed to you in the form of a Flash Drive. The next lesson is with return of previous flash drive. Class viewing, reading and case taking is at your own pace. The intention is to complete one lesson and 5 cases per month. A lesson also includes a monthly, 1-hour private phone tutorial with Ellen that you are responsible to schedule with the administrative office.

Homework and study packets include; reading assignments as well as a selection of live, recorded, and suggested movie cases.

The 12th month will be review of cases submitted and a final exam.

Unique to this Clinical College Program is the grand advantage of case taking. Obtaining practical knowledge versus book learning will enable you to apply your knowledge in practice, not just theorize. You will be supplied enough cases to meet your quota with the option of movies from the list provided. You will be expected to submit 5 cases per month for discussion and/or review. The cases can be of observations or interviews of proposed clients, cases including in the lessons provided and/or group cases and movies mentioned above.

It is significant to develop good case taking skills by applying your new Repertory and Material Medica texts.

The 2nd year provides 11 more advanced lessons and 5 cases per month with follow-ups for crucial case management experiences necessary for a successful practice. This year, by demand, we have added a 3rd ongoing year to our College Program.

Prerequisites and Application

Required Text List

Recommended Reading List