Bio for Ellen F. Bench, D. Hom., H.M.C.

Homeopath Ellen BenchWorld Class Homeopathic Practitioner, Nationally Recognized Lecturer, Founder and director of the Clinical Homeopathic College, Ellen F. Bench, D. Hom, HMC Homeopathic Master Clinician, has offered homeopathic chronic disease management through Classical Homeopathic Counseling for more than two and a half decades. Ellen formulated a highly effective, trademarked product line known asHomeopath Ellen’s Turbo® for clients and for facilitating other practitioners. She has also authored empowering classes in the form of DVD’s to promote education of the community.

Concerned about the overmedicated food supply, Ellen formulated and trademarked a product line for dairy and meat livestock; empowering ranchers to have drug-free and antibiotic-free, safe nano-dose options, increasing wellness and prevention (Remedi Animal  Starting with the desire to eat healthy, Ellen raised all natural foods in Montana. This successful testing over a 20-year period has led to her effective field testing over the last 6 years with natural and organic ranches throughout the Midwest.

Ellen’s achievements include Homeopathic Master Clinician credentials from the Luminos School of Homeopathy along with a degree in Homeopathy from The Hahnemann College of Homeopathy.

Ellen remains steadfastly committed to excellence in her lifetime study with homeopathic world leaders — like Rajan Sankaran, Jan Scholten, Linda Johnston, Frans Vermeulen, and Louis Klein.

Ellen utilizes her depth of knowledge to empower clients and educate communities to reach their full healing potential. Impassioned with a genuine gift of teaching, her interactive and flexible style combines with her unique sensitivity and always leaves attendees yearning for more.  Be empowered, inspired and enlightened all at once! Ellen is delighted with this chance to share her knowledge through her Clinical Homeopathic College Program.