Continuing Education for Masseuses

Homeopathic practitioners are in a unique position nationally due to clinical successes in addressing both acute and chronic diseases with the international reputation of safety and FDA approval. Homeopathy may be added to most existing trainings and licensure including massage therapy. The training in homeopathic principals and remedies common clinical uses are indeed enhancements to your program and to the therapist as well as their client's benefactors.

I can offer multiple options for masseuses:

Option One:

18 hours Initial Training with a Certificate of Completion and a professionally compiled binder of reusable reference materials and useful forms for private practice in the massage therapy field. Consisting of: 14 Hours of Classroom instruction and 4 hours home study. 2 texts recommended/optional.

This course may be taught over a weekend convenient for current and alumni students. Homeopathic theory, applied principals along with the clinical uses of SO useful remedies appropriate for their massage practices will be presented. Also included is an introduction to chronic disease healing potentials. This course has been the students most popular and useful elective offered at the Massage therapy schools over the last 18 years.

The cost per student is $250.00 with a minimum 10 student recommendation.

Optional 2 texts $40.00 student cost. The books will be provided by our office for instant availability during class.

See Course Outline

Option Two:

8 Hours Initial Training with Certificate of Participation and a professionally-compiled binder of reusable reference. This course will include introductory protocols for remedies and their common acute issues for the therapist and clients encountered in the massage therapy practice. Common student feedback is wanting for more. More classes and additional inspiration and training are available as needed to facilitate your existing program.

The cost per student $120.00 with a minimum 10 student recommendation.