Ellen F. Bench, D. Hom., H.M.C. Homeopathic Master Clinician

Homeopath Ellen Bench2016 begins 26 years of private practice and 30 years of homeopathic experience. My teaching and expertise have taken me around the United States for the last 22 years, where I have enjoyed empowering more than 5000 professionals, parents, students, and homeopaths in offering an expansion of health care options and healing opportunities.

I have studied with many world-renowned master homeopaths and have achieved the Homeopathic Master Clinician credentials from the Luminos School of Homeopathy. I obtained my Diploma of Homeopathy at The Hahnemann College of Homeopathy England. My studies continue with worldwide leaders in Homeopathic practices and research including the international mental health conference held in Germany.

In the 26 years of serving clients and educating the public, an invaluable product line has evolved with proprietary formulations for clients and professionals. Additionally, improving animal health to provide a clean food supply, of livestock, without the need for antibiotics and pharma has been a huge accomplishment for the subsistence farmer and commercial, natural, and organic producers.

Ellen has been in private Classical Homeopathic Practice for 23 years in beautiful Montana. She is enthusiastic, motivating and supportive toward your efforts in learning to apply homeopathy, while not being stuck in books or dogma!! She has studied with some of the best homeopathic, instructive practitioners in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Homeopathic Montana Retreat View

Montana Retreat View

Her 2012 highlight was attending the International Mental Health Congress in Germany! (Rumor has it she was the only American Homeopath in Attendance!). Her personal experiences include overcoming infertility and raising 2 daughters without an antibiotic, aspirin, medication, or conventional immunizations.

Homeopathy is a passion. Consider reading from Ellen's a library of referrals. Ellen has authored eight Homeopathic Class DVDs and holds two US Registered Trademarks - one for a new Homeopathic Product line for the public and one for ranchers' animal herds, facilitating a cleaner food supply without the need for drugs or antibiotics.

As a side note, Ellen practices and lives in the same town where James Tyler Kent lived, practiced and is buried.